AMPIC Group News

We're Hiring!
Jan 2017: The AMPIC lab is hiring qualified PhD students to work on funded projects. Interested candidates apply before the Feb 1 deadline for Fall 2017.

Rui Wang joins as a new PhD student
Jan 6 2017: Rui Wang (Ray) is joining the AMPIC lab as a PhD student.

AMPIC Lab is a part of NeuBIS group!
Jan 3 2017: AMPIC Lab is a collaborative partner in the Neural Engineering and Brain-Inspired System (NeuBIS) center. The NeuBIS center is located in the new IRIC Building , Rm 133

Kehan and Xinyu graduate with their PhDs!
Dec 18 2016: Kehan Zhu and Xinyu Wu graduated with their doctoral degrees. Congratulations!

AMPIC Lab is moving!
Aug 12 2016: Dr. Saxena is moving to the University of Idaho as the new Micron Endowed Chair in Microelectronics. The AMPIC Lab will start functioning at UoI from Fall 2016.

Dr. Saxena gives a talk at ORNL
June 30, 2016: Dr. Saxena gave a talk on "Addressing Challenges in Neuromorphic Computing with Memristive Synapses" at the Neuromorphic Computing Workshop at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Dr. Saxena recognized as Idaho's Accomplished Under 40!
May 18, 2016; Dr. Saxena was recognized as Accomplished Under 40 by Idaho Business Review Magazine.

Kehan presents his work at OIC!
May 9, 2016: Kehan presented his paper titled "MZM Based Photonic Link Power Budget Analysis" at the 2016 Optical Interconnect Conference at San Diego.

Dr. Saxena selected for the Air Force Young Investigator Award!
Jan 14, 2016: Dr. Saxena was selected for the Air Force Office of Sponsored Research (AFOSR)'s Young Investigator Award.
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