CMOS Photonics Integrated Circuits

Profusion of network intensive applications such as cloud computing, high-definition multimedia streaming and ?Big data? has resulted in a rapid upward scaling in data rates at all levels of communication. Conventional electrical signaling over copper channels is severely limited by attenuation, dispersion and crosstalk resulting in poor scaling beyond 10 Gbps rates. To alleviate this bottleneck, we are researching CMOS photonics integrated circuits which employ photons in a guided medium, instead of electrons, to enable >1 Tbps on-chip interconnects for multi-core processors, >100 Gbps interconnects for 'green' data centers, photonics-enabled RF and biochemical sensing. Challenges involve modeling of photonic components for system-level design and simulation, high-speed mixed-signal and microwave circuit design, packaging and testing of hybrid CMOS photonics systems. Our group performs fabless design of photonics and CMOS chips, integrates them into a packaged system, followed by hardware prototyping and testing.

Current Research

  • High-speed energt-efficient microring-modulator based transmitters
  • Energy-efficient TIA receivers for >20 Gbps links
  • Hybrid CMOS Photonics circuits for advanced spectrum-efficient modulation schemes
  • Ultra high-speed Machine-learning and signal processing using integrated photonics