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On-Campus Access to Cadence Tools

  • UI ECE cumputer labs have X2Go Clients installed on the desktops to remotely access the Linux servers.
  • Connect to ENGR server ( using X2Go Client Installation (Don’t install Nomachine Client as it has been deprecated).
  • Linux and Mac users can use ssh instead of the X2Go client. They can do this with
 ssh -XY [username] 


  • If you are connecting through a personal laptop through the UI wireless connection, make sure you use an appropriate VPN client with ‘On-Campus’ configuration.
  • See on-campus access to Cadence tools page more information on VPN Setup.

Always keep saving your files while you work and take regular backups. It is recommended that you take FTP backups from the server on your personal machine (or mail to yourself) in order to avoid losing data during server crashes.

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