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Off-Campus Access to Cadence Tools

In order to use Cadence from outside the UI Campus, you will need to use VPN to access the ENGR servers (i.e. ece410 or ece310).

VPN Setup

Follow these steps to setup your off-Campus Cadence access:

  1. Setup the VPN Client. Please note that Cisco VPN client only supports Windows 7 or higher version OS.

Please email UI IT helpdesk ( directly for VPN related assistance.

Linux and Mac users can use ssh instead of the X2Go client. ECE 41X students can do this with

 ssh -XY [username] 

ECE 310/311 students can do this with

 ssh -XY [username] 

X2Go Client Setup

  1. Download the x2go Client from Video (no sound)
  2. Install the latest version of the X2Go on your PC,
  3. Run installed X2Go Client
  4. Go to “Session”+“New Session…” or CTRL+N to build connection to the class server,
  5. On “Session Preferances - New session” window under “Session” tba, enter a “Session name” (i.e. ece41x_class for ece410,413,415,417, classes, and ece31x_class for ece310 and ece311)
  6. Enter as “Host” for ece41x classes and as “Host” for ece31x classes to access proper technology files for your class.
  7. Type your UI userID in “Login” tab,
  8. Choose “GNOME” in “Session type” pulldown menu in “Session” tab,
  9. Choose appropriate Connection Speed under “Connection” tab on “Session Preferences - New session” window, (i.e. LAN for on campus machines, ADSL for remote students)
  10. Choose Appropriate “Display” size under “Settings” tab. Default is “800×600”.
  11. Click OK to build the x2go session for the appropriate linux server.
  12. If you are not on UI network, run Cisco VPN client and connect UI network before you access the class server using x2go client session,
  13. Click on the session box on the X2Go client window, and enter your password to connect to the server (if asked about credential, click OK)

Useful Tips

For VPN access problems, check if you are using the right VPN client for your OS. Also make sure that you don't have any Firewall blocking VPN access/ports on your personal computer.

  1. If possible, use an Ethernet LAN connection at home instead of accessing Cadence over the Wireless LAN. Wireless LAN in a dense urban environment offers lower throughput due to interference and due to the protocol overheads. A slow WLAN connection may drop a user session and you may lose your work.
  2. Always keep saving your files while you work and take regular backups. It is recommended that you take FTP backups from the server on your personal machine (or mail to yourself) in order to avoid losing data during server crashes.
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