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Cadence Setup for ECE 310/311: Microelectronics

Login to the ENGR server using the X2Go Client.

Linux and Mac users can use ssh instead of the X2Go client. They can do this with

 ssh -XY [username] 

Setting up AMS035 Kit

Run cadsetup ams035 and setuppdk ams035 to set up your environment and work directory respectively.

  cadsetup ams035
  setuppdk ams035

The Spectre models for AMS 0.35u are located at /

Starting Cadence

1) Run cadsetup and virtuoso to start Cadence in a command line terminal.

  virtuoso &

2) Select the C35B4C0 process when prompted.

Remember that the CIW (common interpreted window) and Library Manager will open up.

You may watch the video tutorials for more details.

Cadence Simulation Examples

Simulation models are located in the following directory on the server.


You can see my example schematics based on the textbook by adding the following lines to the cds.lib file in your home directory. The directions for doing so are losted below:

1) Locate your cds.lib in your profile (use the list command “ls”)

2) Open the cds.lib with a file editor. Click on this Link if you don't know how to do it. You can use vi or gedit editors.

3) Add the following line to your cds.lib:

DEFINE ECE310_examples /home/alve8438/ece310_examples/ECE310_Examples

4) Save your cds.lib


Video tutorials are available here

When simulations fail, it's probably a mistake in your schematic or ADE setup, so try and debug on your own before asking for help.

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