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Cadence Setup for ECE 5/411

  • The CMOS textbook uses 1um (long-channel) and 50n (short-channel) CMOS models. The additional problems from the CMOS book use these two models for the simulations.
  • For the course project and some HW problems, we will use a realistic TSMC 180n CMOS process. Since the PDK can't be made freely available, we will use NCSU library symbols in conjunction with the TSMC models.

Spectre Models location on the AMS servers

Additional problems from the book website require 1um and 50n CMOS models. These models are at following file ocation on the AMS servers:


Few HW problems and the course project specifically require 180n CMOS models. These models are located at:


Also ensure that you have a softlink to the Cadence example directory

For TSMC 180n CMOS: Select the models tsmc018.scs in the ADE window models setup. Make sure that the model name in your schematic symbol is same as in the model card.

180n Simulation Setup Slides

See 180n CMOS simulation setup information slides.

Using CMOS Book Examples

Add the following entry to your cds.lib in the Cadence start directory (or copy the cds.lib again from the ../5410grader/ece510 directory).

INCLUDE /home/pdks/Cadence_IC61_CMOSedu/CMOS610_cds.lib

If it doesn't exist already, create a symbolic link to the CMOSedu library installation in your home directory, using the commands


ln -s /home/pdks/Cadence_IC61_CMOSedu CMOSedu

This overwrites your local $HOME variable in the models file path to point to /home/pdks/Cadence_IC61_CMOSedu

Course Matlab Files

The ECE 511 Matlab files are coped to the server at the following location on the server:

/home/pdks/ECE511 Matlab Files

You can start Matlab on the server by using the command:

matlab &
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