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This wiki provides information for students taking IC design courses at the University of Idaho and using ENGR servers for their class work. For setups for research (not courses), consult the AMPIC group Research Wiki.

Remote Access Setup

The integrated circuit (IC) design courses at UI require extensive use of Cadence Design System and Mentor Graphics Tools in the Linux environment.

Please use the following links to access Electronic Design and Automation (EDA) tools on your on-campus or off-campus PC:

Logins, Passwords and Usage Policies

  • Please note that your Vandalweb password is to be used for logging into the VPN as well the the ENGR Servers.
  • The remote access users are expected to comply with the University of Idaho IT VPN policies.

X2Go Help

  • You would need X2Go client to access ENGR Cadence servers.
  • Please dont use Nomachine as its no longer supported.

Linux Help

  • An overview of Linux commands is here.
  • A quick start guide for Linux is available here.
  • Help on killing a non-responsive process is here.

Cadence Setup at the University of Idaho

Legacy instructions (Do not use)

Cadence Tutorials

  • Cadence Tutorials for UI students are posted here. Note that there may be difference in Cadence libraries setup between courses.
  • Legacy Cadence Tutorials for Custom CMOS IC Design and Layout are posted here.
  • CMOSEdu tutorials can be found here.
  • Cadence/Spectre Manuals are found here.
  • Convert a Cadence Virtuoso Layout to an SVG / PDF / PNG image file here

Mentor Graphics Tutorials

  • NCSU tutorials can be found here.
  • Research students: Refer to your PDK training kit for using Mentor/Calibre for DRC and LVS

Frequently Asked Questions

Synopsys Tools Setup


The AMS CAD wiki is a live site. Please mail your suggestions and comments to improve the wiki to vsaxena AT uidaho DOT edu

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